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Upgrading from OpenCart?
The NivoCart upgrade script allows you to upgrade directly an existing store running OpenCart v1.5.5.1 up to v1.5.6.4.

It is the same procedure with only small server adjustments, such as:

1 - Make sure you change your PHP settings at your host to PHP 7.0.x at least.
2 - Make sure you have the OpenSSL Encrypt extension as well.

Once you have that covered, then upload the latest NivoCart files and run the installer as normal.

Your database will move from 109 tables to 176 tables.
Your products, categories, options, images, sales, ... will all be preserved.
Your "config.php" files will be updated.

If you encounter any issues upgrading from OC, please let us all know.
NivoCart Lead Developer

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