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NivoCart v1.0.0 Released!
Yes! it is done.

You can get your copy from the NivoCart website (Downloads) or from GitHub nivocart/nivocart releases.

Comments are welcome.
NivoCart Lead Developer
Today I have released NivoCart v1.0.1!

Some minor bugs where fixed in this one.
Also I changed the Default Admin theme to "Light" following advice from users on this forum.
I hope you like it!

Comments are always welcome.
NivoCart Lead Developer
I made a small post (1 line) on OC forum saying NivoCart has been released.
24h after, the post has been erased Now you know what to expect...
Thank you,
Yes I saw your post "What is the best OpenCart version?" the other day when I logged in in the OC forums.
Being still moderator there, I saw it being reported as "warez", but I left it there, leaving someone else to deal with it.
I'm not surprised but thank you for doing that.
NivoCart Lead Developer
The fact is "OpenCart OverClocked" or Ernie's OpenShop passes in posts but "NivoCart" aie ! aie !
And basicely same code / cart.
A "warez", indeed.
Perhaps a release download counter will help by showing the interest for this shopping cart.
I have rather the impression being alone on this forum and i dont think the situation will evolve much as devs from OC totaly ignore this product.
They are stuck with OC and its long bug list.
I dont know where the problem is as its is easy to adapt an OC 1.5 extension.
Version 1.0.2 is out now!

Thank you Tangol for the feedback on Github.
NivoCart Lead Developer

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