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Why is NivoCart better?
NivoCart has been designed to be the most reliable and user friendly opensource shopping cart available today.

The main concept relies on the following principles:

- Clean code, using strict coding standards and verified using Codacy.
- Pure Html5, CSS3 and jQuery 2.2.4 for simplicity and compatibility.
- Latest third party libraries for better performance and security.
- Optimized scripts and stylesheets for increased performances.

This insures that the NivoCart Core is strong and 99% bug free!

User friendly features in Nivocart are everywhere, but the most important ones are:

- Modules: one "Manager" can provide data to an unlimited number of modules and extensions.
- Hotlinks: hotlinks are placed appropriately in most administration forms to navigate more efficiently.
- Automation: many functions are (or can be) automated to make the task easier and save you time.
- Notifications: animations and colors to insure new important business data is not being missed.
- Alternatives: many functions can be displayed differently to suit your personal preferences.

- Reports: useful reports to help you secure and manage your store more efficiently.

All in all, NivoCart has been designed to give users peace of mind and freedom.

You won't have to worry about how NivoCart does it, you can just focus on the more important matter of business itself.
NivoCart Lead Developer

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