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Upgrading to v1.0.4
Just a quick note for those of you upgrading to the current latest version ...

NivoCart v1.0.4 has a new feature that will generate a temporary error in your error log. It is because the seven "product" modules (Also bought, Bestseller, Featured, Latest, Popular, Special and Viewed) have a new setting called "Style". The "Style" setting allows you to display the products in a more compact List (useful for phones and tablets), as well as the default "Box" style like before.

To fix it, simply open the corresponding "product" module, select your preferred style, then save. ... then clear the error log.

This error will only happen if you upgrade from a previous NivoCart version, from v1.0.0 up to v1.0.3.

There shouldn't be any error when performing a clean install.

Please do not report this as a bug, ... as it is not really a bug.
NivoCart Lead Developer

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