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KCL Fertilizer suppliers
CAS NO: 7447-40-7
EINECS No: 231-211-8
Delivery Port: Dalian, China
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, PayPal, Western Union
EO faming is one of the best KCL powder manufacturers and suppliers, welcome to buy discount or wholesale our customized KCL powder and also welcome to check the price and quotation with our factory.
Potassium Sulphate/ Potassium Sulfate /SOP
CAS NO7447-40-7
EINECS NO231-211-8
HS CODE3104 2090
MOLAR MASS74.5513g/mol
MELTING POINT770 ℃/1420℃
SOLUBILITY IN WATER28.1g/100mL(0℃)/34.4g/100mL(20℃)/56.7G/100ml(100℃)
STORAGEStore in dry,well ventilated warehouse.Avoid insolation or rain.Kept away from water and moisture,stored separately from poisonous substances.
KCL 0-0-60/ Potassium Chloride/ Mop Power
SPECIFICATION(Percent by weight)
ItemStandard GB 6549-2011
Water Soluble Potash(as K2O)60.0%Min
Water Soluble Matter0.3% Max
Sodium(as NaCI)2.0% Max
Calcium+Magnessium(as Ca+Mg)0.5% Max
AppearanceWhite or Light Yellowish Crystal Powder
Packing9.5/9.9/25/50kg PP palstic woven with PE inner bag
Potassium Chloride\ KCl\ MOP Powder
Potassium chloride\ KCl\ MOP is easy soluble in water and used as a quick-released and high effective potash fertilizer, also popular used in producing NPK compound fertilizers as a basic raw material. But KCl contains chloride ion and can not used for bogey-chlorine crops which contribute to increased yield and quality. Bogey-chlorine crops included tobacco, potato, sweet potato, sugar cane, watermelon, grapes, oranges, beets, apples, tea, cabbage, peppers, lettuce, spinach, solanaceae crops and etc. Also KCl can not used in saline-alkali land otherwise increasing soil salinity. KCl powder is hygroscopicity in air and easy caking.
Q: Is free sample available?  
A: Yes,free sample could be provided,but shipping cost will be paid by customers.

Q: Do you accept sample order?
A: Yes,we accept small order from 20g,200g and 2kg for your evaluation quality of our goods.KCL Fertilizer suppliers

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