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China Vacuum Furnace For Diffusion Bonding
Vacuum Sintering Furnace
1.   Description
Series VSF Vacuum Sintering Furnace puts high temperature, vacuum or inert atmosphere heating process together. The product is applicable to heat treatment, high temperature sintering and other process.
The features of the furnace are as follows:
a)   Furnace door open at front. Easy to load and unload.
b)   The right vacuum sealing prevents the work piece to oxidize, and increases the manufacturing quality.
c)   Full automatic control system employs the  programmable controller and temperature controller instruments, which fulfill pumping, heating up, keeping temperature and cooling down according to preset process curves.
2.    Product Range and features
Vacuum Sintering Furnace is an internal resistance heating furnace, it consists of a furnace body, heating room, vacuum pumping system, filling in protective gas system (N2), pneumatic system, water cooling system and electrical control system. The features are described as follows:
a. Furnace body
The vacuum chamber is designed as a cylindrical vessel, open at front. Furnace body is Double-wall water cooling designed. Inner wall of the furnace is made of stainless steel, and outer wall is also made of carbon steel (color painted as buyer required). Its internal surface is polished according to high vacuum requirements. There are vacuum pumping port, electrode ports, temperature measuring ports and gas charging port in the furnace.
There are sight window, and electrodes, which cooled by water, in the door of the furnace. The vacuum chamber comprises a vacuum tight enclosure suitably sealed and cooled.
b. Heating room
The heating room is applicable to vacuum or controlled atmosphere, which consists of high strengthened graphite heater (hollow tube), graphite fiber felt, Aluminosilicate felt, stainless steel cover, insulation pieces, water cooled electrode and temperature measuring points.
The outer of heating room is a cover made of stainless steel. The door of heating room and the door of furnace are assembled together for loading and unloading conveniently.
c. Vacuum pumping system
Vacuum pumping system is used to establish and maintain vacuum state which consists of one diffusion pump (KT600), one roots vacuum pump (ZJP600) and one mechanical pump (H150), pneumatic plate valves, magnetic venting valve, flanged flexible pipe and fittings.
d. Filling in protective gases system (N2 or Ar)
The filling in protective system consists of magnetic valves, manual micro-adjusting valves, and pipelines, which can be used to set different filling pressure ranges
e. Electrical control system
- Programmable logic controller (PLC), controls pumping system and other operations automatically according to work process.
- Main temperature control instrument controls and displays the temperature during heating up and two PtRh30-PtRh6 type themocouples measure temperature below 1600 centigrade. Infrared thermocouple measures temperature between 800 oC to 2300 oC.
-Total heating power is 180KW, the power supply is controlled by thyristor.
- Vacuum  is  measured  by  a  thermal  couple  gauge.  And  the  sensor  is  controlled  by  a digital display controller.
- All of the instruments and controlling components are in one electrical cabinet.
- Unit  is  equipped  with  the  necessary  warning  and  protection  gauges  such  as  over temperature, water low pressure and gases low pressure.
f. Compressed air system
The compressed air  system consists of  pneumatic assembly components, air  3  set unit, magnetic valves and pipes which drive the valves in the vacuum pumping system.
g. Water cooling system
Equipped with water distributor, valves and pipelines are arranged according to the cooling water demand of chamber body, door and electrode, with water pressure detector in flowing water pipe. Provide another let in connection with automatic and manual valves which connected to municipal water supply.China Vacuum Furnace For Diffusion Bonding

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