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China Foil Scrim Kraft Insulation factory
HVAC flexible ducting radiant shield reinforced foil kraft facing steel building insulation facings
1.Reinforced foil facing:
Reinforced foil facing is a single-sided foil facing. It is comprised of aluminum foil bonded to natural kraft paper with a patent type adhesive and reinforced with two-way (tri-directional) fiberglass scrim which has the function of preventing water vapor, proofing mildew and reducing the heat conduction. It is intended for use as facing of glass wool blankets, glass wool boards and rock wool board.
2. Reinforced foil facing Characteristics:
·Reinforced foil facing provides higher tensile strength than duty foil insulation and neat appearance, can reflective the radiant heat from the heat source (such as sun)
·Foil Scrim Kraft facing does not contain hazardous chemicals or harmful materials that cause itching or respiratory problems.
·Aluminum foil insulation as a radiant barrier stops up to 97% of radiant heat transfer which improves the performance of the insulating material
·Fiber glass scrim reinforced for strength and durability
·Alu foil facing provides an efficient, space saving, and healthy method of temperature control and energy savings.
3. Reinforced foil facing Types
4. Foil kraft facing Usage:
Foil Insulation is mainly used as insulation facing & vapor barrier material for wrapping glass wool duct,rock wool duct,mineral wool duct and foam duct,etc.
Our foil kraft facings are also suitable for other insulation application where a general use vapor retarder is needed,they are also good choices for radiant barrier applications because of their low emissivity
5. Reinforced foil facing Tech Data:
6. Reinforced foil facing Installation:
7.  Reinforced foil facing Produce, Packing and Delivery:
8. Reinforced foil facing Test Report:
9.Our Company:
If you're satisfied with our hvac flexible ducting radiant shield reinforced foil kraft facing steel building insulation facings, welcome to get the free sample from our factory. We are one of the leading and professional manufacturers and suppliers at your service. Please rest assured to buy.China Foil Scrim Kraft Insulation factory

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