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What are the power supply modes of screw vacuum pump
What are the power supply modes of screw vacuum pump
Screw vacuum pump is widely used in life for its advantages of wide pumping speed range, simple and compact structure, no friction of the components of the pump chamber, long life, low energy consumption and no oil pollution. Moreover, electricity is the power source of the screw vacuum pump, and the way of obtaining electricity can also be different. The influence of different power supply modes on the equipment is different. It's also different.
1. Screw vacuum pump because the extraction medium is "water or liquid", is characterized by a larger proportion, and micro vacuum pump, micro air pump and other working medium is "gas", a lighter proportion. Therefore, the working current of screw vacuum pump is generally larger than that of the latter, about 1 to 10 amperes, while the latter's working current is generally not large, ranging from several hundred milliamperes to several amperes.
2. Batteries.
Battery is the general term of battery. Because the principle is different from the dry battery, it can provide larger current and power, so it is widely used in electric vehicles, cars and other mobile vehicles, agricultural spraying spray, field sampling and other occasions where there is no power supply, and it can also be used to supply the screw vacuum pump.
2. Commonly used dry batteries (such as 1.5V No. 1 battery) are suitable for power supply of screw vacuum pump because of their large internal resistance, small current provided by themselves, and a large part of the voltage is consumed on the internal resistance.
It is important to choose the proper power supply for screw vacuum pump. The voltage, resistance and current of different power supply modes are also different. Screw vacuum pump using appropriate power supply will also provide the corresponding efficiency.
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