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NivoCart Marketplace
The new NivoCart Marketplace is now Live!

I tend to call it the Nivocart Portal, but it is the same thing.

What do you think?
What could be better?

Let us know.
Your opinion matters.
NivoCart Lead Developer
- Main image dimensions ?
- Short description could be larger box or html in ckeditor
- Price input is in what currency ?
- Deleting an extension ?
- Captcha changes at every error you make. Grrr...
Thanks Gob33,

I have now made some changes following your feedback.
However, extensions cannot be deleted (only disabled) because removing them could potentially break the download system.
Also, I am afraid the Captcha will stay as it is, for security reasons.
NivoCart Lead Developer
About the main site (not the marketplace):
It doesnt present sufficiently the new features (modules, tools) offered in standart for free over OC1.5.6.4.
All is in the documentation but it is too heavy to read in a glimpse.
Merchants wants to know immediately the advantages they get with NC without any technical terms.

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