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NivoCart v1.0.0 RC Bugs
On FRESH install of NC1.0.2, I have a pronlem with shipping extensions.
If you upload some files for a new shipping extension, the extension doesnt appear in the admin shpping page.
I noticed the pb comes from $this->user->hasPermission which returns false.
I dont know why as the code has changed here with user logs inserted everywhere.
If i comment the hasPermission() test, then the shiipping extension installs / desinstalls normally then.
I suspect something in relation with user logs introduction miss the very first time ?
NOTE: The code from OC2.x is simpler / better here.
Have you updated your User Group permissions after installing that shipping extension?

In Nivocart, All extensions are hidden by default unless the permissions are set. This is a major improvement over OC in my view because it improves security. I agree it is a bit of a pain when you are the only Admin managing the site, but it is essential when you share your administration with collaborators (or developers), as access can be better controlled. For the same reason the Dashboard page can be hidden if access has not been allowed, which helps protecting your site by hiding the store's financial performance and other sensitive information. This was originally suggested by Tangol.

If you still can't access the extension after having allowed access and modify permissions in User Groups, then we have a bug.
NivoCart Lead Developer
I have checked admin permissions. Shipping directory has all access. I didnt see per file access ?
Im going to investigate more.

Note: missing a 'text_mcrypt' in install /step 1 or 2 if i remember.
Solved: There was effectively a per file access permission I didnt see at first in the lisr, so that each shipping method has its rigts.

A problem with currencies:
The default currency (pound) is disabled at first and that page (localisation/currency) conflicts with the shop currency (settings).
Each shop has its default currency.
Thanks Gob33.

Any chance you could raise an issue on Github for your findings?
It helps a lot this way because others can see and test the issue raised. Fixing them is also a bit easier for me through Github. Wink
NivoCart Lead Developer
It is a general conception problem where some common settings to all the shops are historically set on Shop n°0.
Ex: Currencies auto update is in Shop n°0 settings (should be in localization/currenciy on a tab)
Ex: Default currency displayed on currencies list refer to Shop n°0 only.
As the number of settings increased, it is less coherent than before and little confuse.
It is multi-shop "à la Opencart".
Let it for the moment.

Tested 1.0.2 and it is frankly extremely GOOD.
Compared with grand parent OC1.5.6.4, it is night and day. Fonctionnality has doubled.
Ported an OC1.5 shipping module in a breeze, all running ok.
New permission system per page should be explained with an info / help on page for merchants.

Perhaps opening a new crowdin project for international translations ?
Hi Gob33,

I have now created a Crowdin Account for NivoCart:

Thank you for the suggestion.
NivoCart Lead Developer

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