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NivoCart v1.0.0 RC Bugs
FoundĀ bugs in NivoCart v1.0.0 RC ?

Please report them here, or better, create a new issue at Github.

Thank you.
NivoCart Lead Developer
The color of admin menus do not contrast enough with the black theme (black on black).
Hard to distinguish menus titles from underlaying text.
Should use a complementary bright color (orange-yellow) or a rich black for background (#252525 or similar) not a true black (#000000).
Visually not good on that point.
See: Colors on black
Do you mean the dark Admin menu "dropdown" background or the horizontal (first level) background?
NivoCart Lead Developer
Both. All is black on black with no frontier / border.
I re-tested and saw it depends greatly from the LCD brightness (or gamma) setup.
When brightness is low, all is in darkness. You must put brightness up to normal level to see an acceptable distinguish.
And I have a very good Eizo LCD.
Ah, I see ... yes, unbalanced brightness and contrast settings will obviously affect the readability.

The thing is, I have to work with balanced settings to display properly on all devices (laptops, tablets and phones). Not everybody uses high-end monitors with a wide gamma range. One of the reasons I implemented 2 Admin themes in the core was to precisely deal with this, and low light or bright light conditions. For the story, I made the Dark theme initially because the original Default theme (mainly white) was starting to hurt my eyes after a few hours working, on a good monitor with balanced settings.

So I will not change the default Admin themes because I think they are appropriate: the Light theme is white and the Dark theme is black.

They both work very well on small screen devices such as tablets and phones. This is just a matter of preference.
I also would like to remind users that custom Admin themes are possible if required.

... I also cannot justify this as a "bug".
NivoCart Lead Developer
I agree it is not a bug but visualy enoying for me like you with white hurting your eyes.
They are many articles on black background usage in webdesign.
Biggest problem is readibility with some text colors and too much content, not just because it is harder for eyes to notice the color difference, but also because of the screen light that makes the white shine.
I have a monitor that can display deep black and nuances of black but it is not the case of everybody, specially on common IPS LCDs.
Black theme is something I will not use, I prefer lowering brightbess with white theme.
I think the black theme should be presented in second, and the white as first choice.
A good reeason is that it can save on battery for mobile computers.
Do not scare merchants coming, mainly using white.
One little thing here could be to change the Menu colors.
Some good points ...
I will keep this in mind.
NivoCart Lead Developer
(11-08-2018, 05:57 PM)gob33 Wrote: I think the black theme should be presented in second, and the white as first choice.

I have put the white theme as the default Admin theme in the latest release v1.0.1.
NivoCart Lead Developer
Ok that is better.
Now I have new compatibiliry problems between FireFox and GitHub.
My FireFox is too old and some functions are not supported (graph) since the entry of Microsoft.
And I cant upgrade Firefox without upgrading Windows XP to Seven. Arrgh.
GitLab better ?

If you could increase the response timeout in this forum, I dont have the time to write without being disconnected each time.
I have updated the Forums configuration settings.
Let me know if you are still being timed out.

No Gitlab is not better, last time I merged from it I had to rebase the whole thing on Github! It has to be Github I'm afraid.
NivoCart Lead Developer

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